How to make money fast in 'GTA 5 Online': The best ways to get millions in the game


If you hate glitches, bugs, exploits or other workarounds that let you skirt the rules of video games you should respect the hell out of Rockstar Games. The company behind the Grand Theft Auto series has done an impressive job of consistently plugging any holes in GTA 5 Online, making it a lot more difficult for players to get fast money without putting in work first.

The flip side is that if you're eyeing a yacht in GTA 5 Online that costs eight million GTA$ you may look at your in-game bank account and laugh. Unfortunately, there are no easy exploits to generate cash, but that doesn't mean you're out of luck. You're going to have to get your grind on, but at least you can be smart about it.

How to get money fast in GTA 5 Online: Spend real-world money

There are plenty of GTA 5 codes for the single-player portion of the game, but not for GTA 5 Online. If you want to buy expensive toys for online play you either need to work hard to earn the money or spend real money in the game.

The few money exploits that have appeared in GTA Online over the past three years are usually dealt with in a timely manner by Rockstar, which has proven it is not afraid to liberally swing the banhammer. You can wish for a new, fast money exploit but the usefulness of a technique that gets you banned is dubious at best.

If you want to make money in GTA Online there are two legit ways to do so. First, you can spend real-world money on Shark Cards that deposit GTA$ into your bank account. If you look at how much you have to spend on Shark Cards to earn the really good toys in GTA Online, however, you may decide to just put the work in instead.

For instance, a fully tricked-out yacht in GTA Online will run you ten million GTA$. That'll cost you $140 in Shark Cards.

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The best corporate office you can guy in downtown Los Santos costs $6.5M. That's at least $100 in Shark Cards.

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And you may have to cough up at least one million GTA$ just to buy into the recent Import/Export update. A $20 Shark Card will give you enough GTA$ to make the purchase.

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GTA Online has been out for so long that veteran players who've invested appreciable time into the game can probably afford most of this stuff without even thinking about a Shark Card. They put in the work and earned the good toys.

How to make money fast in GTA 5 online: Don't bother with Heists

The second way to make money legitimately in GTA 5 Online is to, you know, actually play the game. The main ways to make big money are jobs, multiplayer matches, and Heists.

Heists are multi-phase missions that can take a while to finish. One player puts up a startup cost, up to 100,000 GTA$, and recruits up to three other players to help. There are up to five setup missions for any heist, gathering supplies and making preparations for the final mission.

If you've organized the heist, you make no money for completing any of the setup phases. The other members of the crew do get paid. When it's time for the actual heist, the leader decides how much each crew member is paid out from the final take

A fair heist organizer might pull in no more than $400K for completing the fifth and final heist. These missions are fun and challenging activities for a group of four players who know how to work together well, but the cash reward is poor considering how much time it takes to complete. Don't count on Heists to make your money efficiently.

Multiplayer matches can rack up money quickly in GTA 5 Online

Rockstar regularly offers bonus GTA$ for playing specific multiplayer modes, usually modes that were recently introduced to the game. The loading screens in GTA 5 Online will clue you in on which modes, if any, are providing double GTA$.

If you have friends to play with, your group can set up a custom multiplayer playlist and concentrate entirely on these bonus modes. You won't make tons of money but you'll have a consistent flow of cash. You might be able to bring in a million GTA$ in a week if you're disciplined about running these custom playlists to take maximum advantage of the bonuses.

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Jobs are a consistent way to make predictable money in GTA 5 Online

Jobs are short missions that you can attempt solo but are often better with a group since you make more money at a higher difficulty level. There is no singular, proven strategy for using Jobs to cash in quickly, however. Even when GTA Online players discover a Job that's relatively easy to run and provides high GTA$ payouts, Rockstar seems to always discover the technique and neuter it.

To choose a job, pause the game, choose "Online," then select "Jobs" and then select "Play Job." This will display a list of all the different kinds of Jobs in GTA Online. Go to "Missions," and then you can select the Job you want to run on the right. A couple of popular jobs in GTA 5 Online that Rockstar hasn't ruined yet are "Rooftop Rumble" and "A Titan of a Job." 

It takes money to make money fast in GTA 5 Online

Once you have enough money to found a corporation, start a motorcycle gang or buy a garage to take advantage of the recent Import/Export update, do so. Businesses and motorcycle gangs require investing both money and time but they can pay out large.

The lack of any way to make quick, easy money in GTA Online might be frustrating, but it also means that when you do make a big purchase you know that you earned it, and have something to be proud of.