'Super Mario Run' Secrets: Unlock hidden levels using pink, purple and black coins


Super Mario Run just wouldn't be a Mario game without some secret levels. So far, we know of three bonus levels you can unlock, but they require you to play through the main Tour mode for a good chunk of time.

Here's what you need to know.

Super Mario Run secret levels: Everything we know so far

All three secret levels we know of require you to purchase a specific type of pipe from the shop menu in the Kingdom Builder mode.


The first is the Pink Coin Pipe, which you can buy with 120 Pink Coins that you'll earn through playing the main Tour mode.

Here's what that secret level looks like:

The second and third secret levels are accessed using a similar method: Through buying the Purple Coin Pipe and Black Coin Pipe. Not sure where to get Purple and Black coins? Read on, my friend.

How to get Purple and Black Coins in Super Mario Run

Once you find all the Pink Coins in a certain level, the level will change and have a new set of coins in different locations for you to find. This time around, they'll be purple. 


And once you find all the Purple Coins in a level, there's yet another set of Black Coins for you to find. 

Those are the only secret levels in Super Mario Run we know of so far, but we'll let you know if we find any more. There's almost certainly a few more lurking around.

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