Best Android Games of 2016: These are the top 6


2016 was a good year for Android gamers. Some hugely influential mobile games were released in 2016 and some fan-favorites received updates. Many of the top games were the same for Android and iOS users — we are looking at you Pokémon Go. Below are six of the best mobile games for Android devices, from '90s throwback Pokémon Go to the surprising newcomer:

Pokémon Go for Android

In 2016, Pokémon Go managed to quickly become a global phenomenon while breaking mobile gaming records. The augmented reality game, which allows players to capture Pokémon characters in the real world using their smartphones, was named the top trending game in the Google Play Store for the 2016 calendar year.

Kin Cheung/AP for Android

There's nothing fancy about — it's a simple game where the player is a worm competing for food against other worms (fellow gamers) while trying to not run into the other worms in the game. Yet, the multiplayer game was the top most searched game on Google in 2016 and ranked fourth on Google's Top Trending Games list for 2016.

Clash Royale for Android

Clash of Clans is one of the top-grossing Android games, so it comes as no surprise that Finnish studio Supercell followed up the cult-favorite game with something equally engaging. Multiplayer digital card game Clash Royale — which was the second most downloaded game in the Google Play Store this year after Pokémon Go — has players collecting cards for various spells and characters, and later utilizing the cards to compete with other players.

Fallout Shelter for Android

Bethesda, the creator of Fallout 4, released its first mobile game, Fallout Shelter, in 2015 and became a huge success. The premise of the game is to build a shelter and manage a community. In July, the simulation game received an update that introduced quests featuring new characters, enemies, and locations.

Google Play

Traffic Rider for Android

The creators of Traffic Racer came out with Traffic Rider, which puts the player in the driver's point-of-view of a motorbike. The racing game boasts first-person perspective, real motor sounds, detailed riding environments and 26 motorbike options. The player scores points based on speed — the faster you drive, the more points you acquire.

Traffic Rider

Dream League Soccer for Android

English studio First Touch Games dropped the Android app for Dream League Soccer in April. The association football video game lets users build their own team by recruiting players, training a team and adding upgrades to the Stadium. According to the developers, the game ranks in the Top 10 for sports game in Italy, Singapore, Belgium and Turkey.

First Touch Games