Tultepec fireworks festival explosion kills, injures dozens

A massive blast at a fireworks festival in the town of Tultepec outside of Mexico City is believed to have injured at least 60 people, with the total number of casualties unclear, CNN reported on Tuesday.

According to CBC's Tom Harrington, authorities say at least 27 people died.

A video posted by Mexican journalist Lalo González allegedly of the incident showed massive plumes of flame and smoke, as well as loose fireworks detonating in the air.

"This is one of the videos circulating on social media of the explosion in the pyrotechnics market of Tultepec," a city around 25 miles north of Mexico City, González wrote.

Photos posted by the Mexican Red Cross showed the marketplace was completely devastated by the explosion, with buildings leveled.

This is a breaking news story and may be updated as more information becomes available.