Bana al-Abed, young Syrian girl, meets Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan at his palace

Bana al-Abed, the seven-year-old Aleppo resident who, with the help of her mother, has been livetweeting her family's day-to-day struggle in the midst of the ongoing Syrian civil war, met with Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan at his palace on Wednesday — just days after she and her family were safely evacuated.

Erdogan posted photos to his official Twitter account on Wednesday showing al-Abed and her family visiting with him in his residence in the Turkish capital of Ankara, Reuters reported.

Al-Abed has, with the help of her mother, Fatemah, livetweeted pleas for help to her more than 350,000 followers over the past several months. Her family has been trapped in eastern Aleppo amid ongoing fighting between Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces, backed by Russia, and Turkish-supported rebels.

Al-Abed and her mother were evacuated to Turkey on Monday, in a group of around 25,000 civilians who were able to flee the city during a planned ceasefire.