African-American man arrested for arson of black church spray-painted with "Vote Trump"

Mississippi police have arrested an African-American man and charged him with the burning of a black church in Greenville, Mississippi, the Associated Press reported Wednesday. 

The act of vandalism took place Nov. 1 and also included the words "Vote Trump" being spray-painted on the building's side.

Andrew McClinton, a member of the church's congregation, was charged with first-degree arson of a place of worship.

The incident gained national attention, as it occurred just one week before the Nov. 8 presidential election, when political tensions were high.

But Mississippi Insurance Commissioner and State Fire Marshal Mike Chaney said the incident was not prompted by politics, the AP reported.

"We do not believe it was politically motivated," Chaney told the news wire. "There may have been some efforts to make it appear politically motivated."

Following the crime, parishioners raised more than $18,000 to help repair the church, Mic reported at the time.