Dems don't want Hillary Clinton to run again in 2020, want someone new, according to poll

Democrats are looking for a new face to run for president in 2020 — and certainly don't want Hillary Clinton to run again, a new Suffolk University/USA Today poll suggests.

The poll found that 66% of the 1,000 respondents wanted someone "new" to run in four years, and that only 23% would be excited by another Clinton run.

Thirty-four percent of voters polled said a 2020 bid by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has been fueling rumors that she may give it a go, would excite them. A run by Vice President Joe Biden (who said he "can't see" himself running in 2020, but "never say never") would excite 43% of voters, while Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders generated the most excitement among the four potential candidates with 44%.

Sen. Bernie SandersAlex Wong/Getty Images

Just two days after the Electoral College officially elected Trump (and Clinton actually lost more electoral votes due to the Bernie or Bust crowd), 50% of poll respondents said the Electoral College should stay put. Forty-two percent said they would like to see a Constitutional amendment end the Electoral College, and see the president elected by the popular vote.