'Westworld' fans seriously want to know what happened to Logan

A scene from Westworld where one man is on a horse and another is standing behind him

[Editor's note: This post contains Westworld spoilers.]

Until Westworld returns for its highly anticipated second season, fans and critics are left to ruminate about one loose end in particular — what happened to Logan?

Ben Barnes, the actor who plays Logan, took to Instagram to share a piece of fan art featuring his character's face stamped on the side of a milk carton. The carton reads: "Have you seen me?" 

The 35-year-old actor has engaged with Westworld fans on the social media platform before. Barnes recently shared a Star Wars/Westword mashup and coyly addressed the question of his character's fate, commenting, "Not sure where Logan is either but... I know he's still choosing #BlackHat."

We last saw Logan in an uncharacteristically vulnerable position with future brother-in-law William. After strapping an emotionally and physically stripped Logan to a horse, the two characters exchanged cryptic words about the future of Delos corporate and its holdings in Westworld before William sent him bouncing off into the sunset.

In season one, Westworld shocked fans by revealing that William would become the ruthless, reprehensible Man in Black 30 years in the future. What we can infer based on the narrative's jumping timelines is that even a morally just, hopeless romantic has the capacity to transform into something truly evil — assuming he wasn't truly evil to begin with. While the show toys with our perceptions of nature and how we carry out the roles we ascribe to ourselves and others, it leaves Logan wide open to a metamorphosis, of equal if not greater proportion than William's. In the likely event that Logan is alive, developing Logan's character would be an opportunity for the show to further explore the dynamic between what William became and what Logan may have the potential to become. 

While fans eagerly await more answers about Logan in season two, all we can do is speculate about the character's return, let's just hope the show's brilliant creators don't squander the opportunity.