'Super Mario Run' World 6 walkthrough and coin locations: How to beat 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4


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It's been a long, hard road paved with Super Mushrooms and the shells of Koopas, but we've finally reached the last world of our Super Mario Run guide. Although we've already fought through two castles (1-4 and 3-4) and two airships (2-4 and 4-4), traversed deserts (1-3 and 5-3), delved through caves (1-2, 2-3 and 4-3), fought a veritable army of turtles (1-1, 3-3 and 4-2) and even bummed around the sky for a while (1-3, 2-2, 3-2 and 5-1), World 6 will be our most challenging world yet.

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World 6 will give us one more desert level, our final Boo Mansion, a final confrontation with Boom Boom and the final showdown with King Koopa himself. Even if you think you're ready, it might be a good idea to reacquaint yourself with our previous guides, and if you're saying to yourself, "huh? What? How the heck are we already on World 6?!" then you'll definitely want to check them out first. Here are our guides to World 1, World 2, World 3, World 4 and World 5

Let's get started, shall we? Princess Peach isn't rescuing herself, though I'm sure she'd be more than capable of doing it were she allowed to!

Super Mario Run 6-1 walkthrough: "Land of Spikes"

Much like "Big Spiny Blitz" and "Pokey Vaulting" before it, "Land of Spikes" has, how shall we say, a special fondness for sharp objects that could very well mean the end of Mario's quest.

In 6-1, this particular obstacle is Spike, a small turtle with a blue mohawk who coughs up giant spike-covered metal balls and rolls them towards you. The enemy guide in-game describes him as "a hard-working turtle," and you'll have to work extra hard in order to avoid all the obstacles he and his friends will chuck at you throughout the level.

Although you'll be spending the lion's share of the level artfully dodging numerous rolling spiked balls, the game gives you a break about halfway through the level with a Red Coin Ring. The coins themselves aren't particularly hard to grab, but your progress up to this point was likely hard-fought, so be careful! 

Unfortunately, the Super Star the red coins give you isn't going to last long enough to get you through the final gauntlet, where Spikes stand on tiered platforms, intent on stopping you from making it to the flagpole at the end of the level. Did we mention you're also running uphill while they do this and at the very end you have to leap through two Spikes as they're getting ready to toss another wave of spiked balls at you? It's tough, but if you keep a cool head you should make it through all right.

Super Mario Run 6-1 pink coin locations

The first coin will require you to knock a Spike off a small platform formed of question blocks, then use the backflip blocks provided to leap onto that platform before jumping to another one even farther up. The coin will be on top of that platform, but you're going to have to really leap to grab it.

Coin 2 is near the top of a series of platforms where Spikes are throwing their spiked wrecking balls at you. The timing can be a little tight because you've got to grab it while still giving yourself enough time to avoid the Spikes.

You'll have to make like a stuntman for coin 3, which requires you to fire yourself out of a cannon in order to grab the coin, which hovers right over a Spike who's idly throwing his namesake into the sand below. It's easy to get stuck in a pattern where he's raising his spiked ball at the best point for you to fire, but you can aim the cannon up a hair to give yourself the time it'll take for Spike to toss his payload and still leave you able to grab the coin.

The fourth coin is underneath a platform with a Spike on it. Your best bet is to jump for it once the Spike has thrown its ball, since jumping onto the platform before that might find you getting pulverized by a large metal ball.

The final coin is another cannon encounter and there are a ton of Spikes to contend with. Thankfully, it comes right after the Red Coin Ring, so if you're still invincible from that you can launch yourself directly at the coin as soon as you see it, and grab some extra coins in the process from the spiked balls you'll knock out of the air along the way.

Super Mario Run 6-2 walkthrough: "Switch Ghost House"

If you read the name of this level and said, "not again," you wouldn't be alone. Yes, like "Ghost-Door Deception" and "Boohind Lock and Key," 6-2 is another Boo Mansion — the last of the game. However, unlike the previous two Boo Mansions, its gimmick isn't onerous and it's actually kind of fun!

Much like the previous Boo Mansions, you'll have to navigate towards a green door which will progress you through the level, but "Switch Ghost House" utilizes the yellow exclamation switches that create red blocks we've seen previously in levels like "Danger High and Low" and "Big Spiny Blitz." This level also has a lot of Stretches — the Boos who stick themselves to things. So take your time and keep your eyes peeled!

Although the first and third door will require you to futz with the exclamation switches in order to get them to appear, the second area gives you a little break by simply putting the door at the top of the area. If you want the pink coins hidden here you'll have to resist just waltzing through, but it's still a handy timesaver if you're getting disoriented.

To escape the Boo Mansion for good in the third area, you'll have to use the exclamation switch provided to create platforms to jump on. But there's a problem. Doing so causes the door and the platform it's on to disappear. Thankfully, you can just wait on a well-placed pause block. Once the timer runs out the temporary blocks will disappear and you'll be left with a clear path to the door and the end of the level.

Super Mario Run 6-2 pink coin locations

To grab the first pink coin in 6-2, hit the exclamation switch and then ascend the platforms it creates until you're over the pink coin, then drop down onto it to get it. Since the switch comes back every time, you can try as many times as you'd like, which is nice.

Coin 2 is an easy one to grab. You'll just have to avoid the Boos and Stretches and jump up onto the platform it's on in the second area.

The third pink coin is hiding inside a Boo in the same area as the second one, but it's much easier to get than the ones similarly placed in "Boohind Lock and Key." Simply wait for the Stretch to disappear from the purple P switch, hop on it, and all the Boos in the area will disappear, leaving the coin behind for you to collect at your inclination.

Much like coin 1, you'll need to navigate some temporary platforms to get to the fourth one. Hit the exclamation point switch and make your way up to the coin, which rests on a platform created by temporary blocks.

The fifth coin is on another ledge formed by temporary blocks, so it's easiest to get it and coin 4 in one fell swoop. Just a little higher up from where you found coin 4, you'll see another pink coin sitting on a platform made of temporary blocks. The timer's long enough that you should be able to jump right to it without fear of the blocks disappearing.

Super Mario Run 6-3 walkthrough: "Throwing It All Overboard"

You didn't really think Super Mario Run was going to let you off the hook without one last showdown with Boom Boom, did you? Much like "Firing the Airship's Burners" and "Airship Cannons...Fire!" 6-3 takes place on Bowser's airship, but this time there's no environmental hazards like burners or cannons to contend with.

Instead, the airship's mechanics have decided to take an active role in its defense. They're called Rocky Wrench, and they'll throw their wrenches at you in a straight line. The first one is right at the beginning of the level, and if you're not ready it'll smack you right off the stage. Luckily you can hide below and wait for the proper time to jump up and give that buck-toothed ... whatever it is what for.

Once you've got the timing down, you can race through the level by repeatedly launching off the heads of any Rocky Wrenches and Ninjis in your path. So the way is pretty clear to the fight with Boom Boom. The Rocky Wrench at the end of the level doesn't even throw wrenches; he just throws coins. So you're free to collect the Super Mushroom and get a few coins out of the deal.

Boom Boom has gotten rid of the burners from 4-4, but he's picked up a new trick. In addition to getting faster each time you hit him, he's begun leaping at you to make the timing trickier. Your tactic should remain unchanged, though. Get enough air to avoid him when you're clearly going to miss and knock him three times to make him fall off the airship. Now you're free to fight Bowser (the real one, finally) in his castle.

Super Mario Run 6-3 pink coin locations

The first pink coin is in a group of coins that are floating diagonally downward from a bounce pad at the beginning of the level. Since there's a pair of question blocks directly above the pad, you'll have to time your jump when you're in the middle of the pad and then twirl like your life depends on it in order to get close enough to the coin to grab it.

The second pink coin is hiding behind a Rocky Wrench on top of one of the airship sections: either leap over the Rocky Wrench or onto him to grab it. It's a little above him.

Coin 3 is at the top of another bounce pad. Jump right as Mario hops on it so that you can be confident you'll be able to grab it as he flies up.

The fourth coin is behind another Rocky Wrench, so hop over him or avoid him entirely. Just make sure you don't accidentally overshoot it by leaping off of him instead.

The final pink coin is in the lower part of a maze of Rocky Wrenches. It's easy to miss because you can just vault your way through this part. Taking things slowly requires you to juke through a bunch of flying wrenches. The coin is on a lower platform guarded by a Rocky Wrench. Tough to get if you're not ready for it, so be prepared!

Super Mario Run 6-4 walkthrough: "Bowser's Bob-ombing Run"

This is it, the final battle between you and Bowser. Now, it's not really fair since Bowser has all manner of deadly weapons at his disposal thanks to his Koopa Clown Car, but when has a fair fight ever been in the cards for Mario?

"Bowser's Bob-ombing Run" consists of a series of platforms that you're running between while avoiding Bowser's fireballs, fire bars and Bob-ombs. Although the game never explicitly tells you so, the object of the level is to jump on three Bob-ombs to send them flying back at Bowser, not run the clock down. 

However, Bowser has a few tricks up his sleeve to make that particularly tricky. First and foremost, he's always launching fireballs at you, which aren't that difficult to dodge, but can put you in bad positions for other obstacles like the fire bars and the Bob-ombs.

Additionally, once you've hit him with two Bob-ombs, he'll open up the mouth of the Koopa Clown Car and fire the giant spiked balls that the Spikes from 6-1 were tossing at you. These move slowly but are very intimidating, especially the first time he does it.

Once you've hit him three times with his own Bob-ombs, Bowser goes spinning down into the lava and the princess is rescued. Congratulations! You just beat Super Mario Run's Tour Mode. Take a breather and enjoy the small ending cutscene!

Super Mario Run 6-4 pink coin locations

Since "Bowser's Bob-ombing Run" is a pretty straightforward level, the coins aren't hard to get once you know where to look. The first coin is at the bottom of the stage on a platform over some lava: don't worry, there aren't any fireballs to watch out for, so just grab it!

Once you've collected the first coin, make you way up to the top of the stage for the second one. You'll have to jump for it, but it's pretty hard to miss.

Next, head back down to the lower portion of the stage, where another coin will be sitting on a platform very similar to the first coin you grabbed.

Coins 4 and 5 are both in the middle portion of the level. Coin 4 requires you to hop onto a small platform beneath a fire bar and then jump over a pit once you've grabbed it. So be ready to make some quick jumps!

Coin 5 appears on a similar platform not long after coin 4, but you'll have to contend with two fire bars to get it. So be precise in your jumping. Since the middle of the level will require you to dodge the most fire bars and fireballs from Bowser, you should probably grab them before you start the battle against him in earnest. Don't worry about the clock, though. Every time you hit Bowser with a Bob-omb the timer goes back up to 99, so you can afford to take your time grabbing these pink coins.

Now you've (hopefully) collected all 120 pink coins in the game! If you head back to the Mushroom Kingdom from here, Toad will tell you there's a new special building available for you: a pink warp pipe. Why don't you build it and see where it goes?

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