Uber always seems to be tracking your location — and the company is blaming an iOS feature


Uber has come under a lot of fire recently for both remotely and physically stalking the hell out of its users.

And most recently, some users found that the app was tracking their location data even though they hadn't hailed an Uber in weeks. The culprit? Uber says it's not its fault — it's Apple's.

"For people who choose to integrate ride sharing apps with iOS Maps, location data must be shared in order for you to request a ride inside the Maps app," an Uber spokesperson told TechCrunch. "Map extensions are disabled by default and you can choose to turn them on in your iOS settings."

Uber didn't fault tech companies' latest favorite scapegoat — a glitch — but instead pointed to an iOS feature. And, as TechCrunch pointed out, Lyft, OpenTable and Yelp also integrate Apple Maps.

But BGR reported that Uber's excuse may not hold water. According to "several Uber users" who noticed that the Uber app was collecting its location data days since it had been used, the explanation didn't add up: They hadn't opened the app nor enabled the Apple Maps extension.

What is clear is that Uber needs to be more transparent about how and when it's collecting your location data, not require its users to play detective.

We have reached out to Uber for comment and will update with any response.