Wonder what happens behind the scenes during the 'SNL' opening credits? Watch this video.


While this year saw a highly contentious election that left half the country thrilled, and the other half, not so much, one television show has been reaping the benefits: Saturday Night Live. With Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon as Hilary Clinton, SNL's cold opens this year have been the best in some time. But have you ever wondered what happens between the cold open and the host's opening monologue? Wonder no more. 

NBC recently released a behind the scenes look at SNL on their Saturday Night Live YouTube page, showing the cast and crew hustling to change scenes during the opening credits. 

Take a look at the video below: 

Behind-the-scenes looks, such as these. show just how much goes into producing a television show — especially one that airs live. In the clip, following the classic yelling of "Live from New York it's Saturday night," rather than cut to the opening credits, we see the cast darting out of the way while the crew hurries to remove the scenery. 

In the background, we can hear the producers giving instructions and counting down to the end of the opening credits. It is quite amazing how much is done in such a short period of time. In fact, in the video, the crew moves the largest piece of scenery with only about 15 seconds remaining in the opening credits. 

While it may be the cast of Saturday Night Live that gets much of the credit for the show's success (no matter what Donald Trump thinks of them), it is important we recognize all the people behind the scenes who keep the show running. 

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