This video of a guy mocking just how ridiculous gendered products are is going viral


Some things shouldn't have to exist. Pens specifically for women, for example. Or things like gendered ear plugs or gendered tea or gendered tissues or any product that will be used by everyone in exactly the same manner, but still is somehow marketed to one gender. 

In a video on Twitter that's gone viral with more than 51,000 retweets, that's precisely what's getting called out. In the video, Lucky Turner, who tweets from @estLucky, walks through a health and beauty aisle full of lotions and skincare products, showing off how ridiculous it is that there's a bottle of cocoa butter specifically for men and no one else. And not only that, but also how so many companies similarly signify that one item is for men and men only. 

"You'd like some Palmer's cocoa butter?" he asks. "Let's get some for men in the darker color, because men like darker colors."


"Do you need some Lubriderm Advanced Therapy?" he says. "Are you a man? Let's get some for men, now in a darker color. That's right, because men don't like light colors."


Another one: "Maybe you just prefer that Nivea and you just happen to identify as a male...  Get it for men now in a darker color. That's right, because men don't like purple."


At the end, he shows a bottle of sunscreen, in orange, and we know what's about to go down.

"Do I even have to say it anymore? Are you a man? That's right. Darker color, because men don't like orange either." 


Turner, 22, said to BuzzFeed the idea for the video just came to him in the aisle.

"I was literally minding my own business and searching through the store to re-up on Shea Moisture because I was out, and my hair deserved another blessing from them," he said. "I really just wanted to make a note of how items are marketed differently to men vs. women but with some humor attached to it."

So we guess this is a mission accomplished for Turner. 

You can watch the entire video below: