Joe Biden Gaffe Watch: Biden Ryan VP Debate and the 7 Biggest Biden Gaffes


Nearly four years into the Joe Biden vice presidency, even casual political observers are well-aware of his penchant for committing gaffes. However, it's highly unlikely that Biden will blunder in tonight's vice presidential debate against Paul Ryan. You'll notice that most of Biden's gaffes occur in front of friendly audiences when his guard is down -- not in high pressure situations for which he has significantly prepared for. There's a reason no one can remember anything Biden said in his 2008 vice presidential debate with Sarah Palin, and that's because he didn't screw up. In politics, no one remembers the substantive measured responses of candidates in debates, but everyone remembers the blunders and the zingers. 

Nevertheless, PolicyMic would be remiss if we did not provide readers with a helpful list of Joe Biden's greatest gaffes caught on video. Here are the top seven Joe Biden gaffes:

7. Biden gives a largely black audience in Virginia some shocking news about Mitt Romney's plan for America.


6. Biden says "God rest her soul," of the mother of the prime minister of Ireland. Problem is, she wasn't dead.


5. Biden tells a wheelchair-bound state senator to stand up.


4. Biden introduces "Barack America."

3. Biden thanks Dr. Pepper.

2. While campaign for Barack Obama, Biden tells crown that the middle class has been buried for the last four years... under Obama.

1. Biden tells President Obama how big of a deal the enactment of Obamacare is.