Where to Watch the VP Debate Online: Paul Ryan vs Joe Biden VP Face Off


Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden will face off tonight in Danville, Kentucky, in the one and only vice presidential debate of this election season. And though VP debates are not usually expected to draw a lot of attention or to move the polls one way or the other, this time all eyes are on Biden and Ryan as Mitt Romney's win in the first presidential debate has shaken up the race. 

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It wasn't always that way. President Obama had opened a pretty sizable lead after the parties' conventions and all the way leading into last week's presidential debate. The president post-convention bump was helped by the fact that Mitt Romney and the Republicans didn't register a post convention bump after their Tampa, Florida, gathering. 

Things took a turn for the worse after a secretly taped fundraiser during which Mitt Romney dismissed 47% of American voters as entitled victims who "will vote for the president no matter what" hit the airwaves courtesy of liberal blog Mother Jones. The gaffe was devastating for the Romney campaign that saw its near collapse to Obama's growing numbers (the president opened a 10-point lead in Florida, because of it).

However, things changed during last week's first presidential debate in Denver, Colorado, where the Republican challenger dominated a subdued and seemingly disinterested President Obama by pushing on the president's economic record and what the GOP sees as the president's runaway spending. While described by Democrats as "dishonest," Romney's debate performance did shake the race up -- as predicted by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. 

So expect both vice presidential nominees to go for each other's jugulars, as VP nominees are not expected to restrain themselves as presidential ones do. There will be blood.