CNN Poll: Ryan Won the VP Debate 2012, But Biden Won With Independents


Two Post Debate Polls -- Only One Matters:

CBS poll of undecided voters:

Biden: 50%

Ryan: 31%

Undecided (of the undecided): 19%

CNN poll of debate watchers:

Ryan: 48%

Biden: 44%

Undecided: 8%

We are 26 days before the election, it comes down to one audience: the undecided. Biden came out on top. Now, the pressure is on Obama to perform better than this years debates -- and better than he ever performed in 2008. 


Remember, nothing before this moment mattered.  Remember, all that matters is the 12% of undecided voters. Sure, pundits, twitter and blogs can all influence these voters -- but it comes down to how Biden and Romney spoke to them.

1) explain Obama's policy successes to voters

2) push back on Congressman Ryan's talking points.

He accomplished both -- but failed to get an A+ because of his occasional snarky tone.

Then again, we aren't swing voters and we definitely aren't watching ABC.

What were your thoughts?


My 2 sentence summary of this debate:

Biden agressively and empathetically steered the debate back on the factual course while Congressman Ryan attempted and failed to charm the proof out of his factless talking points. Biden may have been severe at times, but Ryan came off weak.

As Joe Biden talks about the costs of campaigns -- this pops up in my e-mail box (Donation email). Poor timing.

Final question:  "Are either of you embarrassed by the tone of your campaigns? By the money? By the ads?"


How powerful is the Catholic church in America? More importantly -- on swing voters?

15 minutes on jobs; 10 on taxes; 20 on national security. The rest on...abortion?

Clearly, Vice President Biden read my last blog:


I'm sitting here watching the debate in a room that includes a middle aged female swing voter (56 year old white woman from the midwest), and 86 year old woman who survived the depression and escaped a communist country (who also understands medicare) and a recent college graduate without a job.  Listening to their responses, I've gathered this:

"Wow I didn't know that it costs more for the average person without Obamacare." - 56 year old woman.

"War should always be the last answer."  "I've had no changes to my medicare, but I don't know which candidate will make sure it stays that way." "Joe Biden looks like Paul Newman." -86 year old woiman.

"Why aren't they talking about bringing jobs to the biggest generation -- millennials?" "Why aren't they talking about how to support the troops coming home?" "Paul Ryan is confusing me when he talks about taxes.  Ok, Joe Biden just translated." -Millennial out of work.


Have you ever watched a live cross examiniation during a trial? Have you ever seen a witness take control of the lawyer? This debate is a debate about the Obama administration's accomplishments.  Joe Biden (the witness) has taken control of the conversation -- steered it away from the questions from the moderator and Mr. Ryan.

Zing! "Facts matter.  This President doesn't bluff.  War should be the last option..." -Biden

Biden wins it in the first 15 minutes.  He is "calling out the malarchy-in-chief"

How can Ryan rebound? Use extreme examples that tell the story of how America has not moved forward.  He must empathize.

Sadly, this is true:

FP:VP Biden needs to spin the conversation from what "wasn't done to prevent the attacks" to what "has consistently been done right under the Obama administration."


Vice President Biden entered the Senate when he turned 30 years old.  He came into office before the 24 hour news cycle and has a deep understanding of retail politics, policy and strategy. 

What to expect:

VP Biden will tap into Ryan's weaknesses: 1) his inability to reference facts 2) his dangerous congressional record 3) his "youth and inexperience"


One minute in and Vice President Biden has already shown us 1) where we were 2) what the Obama administration has done to protect us 3) How Romney has not made the country's safety a priority.


Below is my 30,000 foot perspective analysis on the final round of the Presidential race.  Who has the burden to overcome; how each candidate can win.  I will be live blogging how Vice President Biden and Congressman Ryan fit into this strategy.  Stay tuned...


The only way for President Obama to counter the power of negative attack ads in the final hours, is to remind the country why he was the candidate of hope and change.  Then again, every once in a while, those negative ads backfire...we can only “hope” for that!