'Final Fantasy 15' Coeurl Whiskers: Location guide and tips for upgrading your Drain Lance


In Final Fantasy 15, Cid is able to upgrade a number of Noctis' weapons as long as you provide an item or two, but the mission descriptions are pretty unhelpful when it comes to actually tracking down those items. So, unless you've been hoarding every single item you've gotten so far, you might be wondering where to acquire a Coeurl Whisker to upgrade your Drain Lance. 

You have a few options. Let's discuss.

Final Fantasy 15: Coeurl Whiskers locations

According to a YouTube video posted by GamerForEternity, the most reliable way to acquire Coeurl Whiskers is by completing a hunt quest called "Hunters of Secullam Pass." In order to get this mission, fast travel to Outpost: Taelpar Rest Area and talk to the tipster inside the restaurant.

In the video, this quest leads Noctis and his gang to an area with five level-34 Coeurls. Even one Coeurl is a bit tough to take down on its own, so make sure you're at a high enough level and adequately stocked up on potions. The battle in the video dragged on so long that the Titan summon appeared.

If you don't want to take on five Coeurls at once, they also spawn in certain locations throughout Eos on their own.

One such location is near the north end of the map, close to the Keycatrich Ruins. According to a YouTube video posted by GamersHeroes, the closest outpost you can fast travel to is Prairie Outpost. From there, head towards the Keycatrich dungeon and you should encounter a Coeurl.

The video warns that you should avoid triggering a "break" on the Coeurl's head — which you do by attacking that area repeatedly or warp striking it from afar — because that will damage the whisker and prevent it from dropping.

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