People are obsessed with this surprisingly freaky photo of women sitting on a couch

The internet loves a good optical illusion, and no exceptions are being made for this photo of women hanging out on a couch. People are going apeshit over the photo because there are six women, but seemingly only five sets of legs.

Explain this:

Where are they?jr0d7771/Reddit


A Reddit post with the image of the girls tasks the internet with a seemingly simple task: "Find the middle girl's legs."

"Maybe she's a couch-centaur?" RacistestDudeOnHere incorrectly guessed.

"She's womanspreading," itshouldjustglide unhelpfully and incorrectly pointed out (all of their legs are crossed).

Amidst the incorrect postulations and distasteful Lt. Dan jokes, a treasure of an answer arose: One helpful Reddit user outlined all of the women in different colors to show which legs belong to which woman.

What artistic prowessImgur

You see, the woman in the middle's legs were visible all along. It's actually the girl second from the left whose legs are obscured behind the woman at the end of the couch.

Though, this image isn't wholly accurate: The yellow outline connects one woman's torso with another's legs. But hey, nobody's perfect.