Who Won the VP Debate: These 10 Joe Biden Quotes and Smirks

Joe Biden and Paul Ryan clashed last night at the one and only vice presidential debate, from Denville, Kentucky.

The affair was messy. But it was masterfully moderated by Martha Raddatz, the night's brightest spot. 

To the extent that debates can be "won" or "lost," Ryan surprised for his preparation on foreign policy and his stumbles on domestic one (his strongest suit).

Biden won on entertainment value, as he sought to make up for Obama's own debate shortcomings. And though his smirks came across as condescending, they will sure fire up the Democratic base. 

Biden's performance was a gift from the gods of comedy. His quotes and smirks were truly amazing. Here are 28 of them:

1. "That’s a bunch of malarkey."

2. “Imagine had we let the Republican Congress work out the sanctions."

3. "He had no commitment to the automobile industry."

4. "Not mathematically possible."

5. "Stop talking about how you care about people."  

6. "Oh, now you're Jack Kennedy?"

7. "Whatever mistakes were made will not be made again." 

8. "These people are my neighbors."


9. "It's an abomination."


10. "Not a single things he said is accurate."