'Overwatch' Highlights: 7 best plays of the week from Reddit — Dec. 26 edition


The subreddit for Blizzard's multiplayer shooter Overwatch is packed with all sorts of incredible gameplay footage that players want to share with the rest of the Overwatch community. Sometimes, these clips are incredible shows of skill, and other times they're hilarious and embarrassing failures. The best ones are usually some sort of combination.

Since the subreddit also has all sorts of other content, like fan art, cosplay and conversational discussion, even the best Overwatch plays don't stay on the front page for long. So, because you're such a busy individual will all sorts of important things to do, we've assembled a list of the best Overwatch plays of the week.

7 best Overwatch plays of the week

"Uhhhh ... yeah thanks Reinhardt," uploaded by skyhighdriveby.

In this play, you can see Mei attempting to take on both Zarya and Reinhardt on of the upper platforms on the second point of the Hanamura map. Mei manages to freeze Reinhardt and fire off an icicle, but as soon as Reinhardt thaws, he charges. However, because of the way the charge was angled, both characters fly off the nearby ledge. Somehow, Mei has enough momentum to land safely on the other side of the gap, but Reinhardt plunges to his death.

"Santa?" uploaded by TheG14.

I've watched this GIF at least 10 times and I'm still not fully sure what's going on. You can see Pharah firing off a few rockets from one of the upper passageways on King's Row, but as she rounds the corner to continue attacking the offensive team, a single wrapped present drops from the sky and lands right in front of her. Truly a Christmas miracle.

"This is how you deal with Bastion," uploaded to Reddit by Herpderp012.

This play is pure genius. Everyone knows the frustration of trying to take down a Bastion being healed by a Mercy, but this team had a great solution: The D.Va sort of escorts the Reinhardt, using her shield matrix to absorb the Bastion's bullets and allowing Reinhardt to charge directly at him without taking any damage in the process.

"I'm Dumb: A solo performance of Junkrat as portayed by me," uploaded by jemry.

Junkrat is at his best when he's causing pure mayhem that's always on the verge of going off the rails, and this play is a perfect example of that. At the beginning, you can see him lobbing a few bombs towards the first objective point on Hanamura, but he proceeds to seek out the enemy's teleporter. In order to assure that his bombs hit perfectly, he gets right on top of it, but fails to remember that his own health is down to 11 and that he takes damage from his own bombs.

You might think the story ends there, but no. The bombs Junkrat drops upon his self-inflicted death coincide perfectly with several members of the enemy team going through the teleporter, causing him to get a completely accidental multi-kill. Mission accomplished?

"Not sure whether I should feel proud of this PotG or not," uploaded by RickR13.

There's a lot to unpack here. It's a shit show all around.

First, for some reason, an enemy Roadhog decides to pop a squat right on the objective point on Nepal, allowing D.Va to pummel him in the face with bullets. To celebrate that victory, D.Va fires off a sassy "hello" emote as she triggers her ultimate right as the enemy Mercy resurrects the whole team. Her ultimate yields a quadruple kill, but her mech suit ejects her right off the cliff and she plunges to her death. Yep, definitely not sure whether you should be proud of that either.

"And PULL!" uploaded by SixEightPee.

This Soldier: 76 play doesn't seem all that incredible at first, right? Just another aimbot-assisted ultimate. Yawn. But then you see an incoming D.Va burst out of her mech just as Reinhardt is charging through, launching her tiny body sky-high. Impressively, the Soldier: 76 manages to perfectly aim his Helix Rockets and catch the D.Va as she descends from on high.

"Do you ever just watch your food be microwaved," uploaded by keolatte.

The new Symmetra rework has been a joy to play, and this highlight from a three-versus-three match shows how powerful she can be in the right hands. First, you see her fry a Genji and perfectly time a defensive shield to catch Hanzo's scatter arrow, which frees her up to fry him, too. Then, when it looks like the enemy Widowmaker is going to get away, she wanders into a nest of well-placed turrets and melts instantly.

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