'Pokémon Go' Nest Changes: All the new Pokémon spawns reported by The Silph Road


Pokémon Go nests are changing yet again. That means everything you knew about the nests in your area is now useless information. Don't worry, though, the experts at Silph Road are already tracking some of the biggest changes following the 10th Pokémon Go nest migration.

Pokémon Go nest changes: All the differences reported so far

The Silph Road is hard at work updating its Global Nest Atlas, which tracks Pokémon Go spawn locations around the world. In the meantime, players are reporting noticeable changes in their own neighborhoods and some patterns have already become clear.

Heavy rounded up some of the Pokémon Go nest changes that have already been reported. Here's the full list:

Abra –> BulbasaurAbra –> CharmanderBulbasaur –> PidgeyCharmander –> KabutoDiglet –> GhastlyDiglett –> JynxDiglett –> MankeyDoduo –> RhyhornEkans –> JigglypuffExeggcute –> SquirtleGeodude –> CaterpieGoldeen –> BulbasaurGoldeen –> DoduoJigglypuff –> ClefairyKrabby –> CharmanderMachop –> AbraOmanyte –>MeowthParas –> DigletParas –>EeveePsyduck –> ParasSandshrew –> SquirtleSeel –> DrowzeeShellder –> BulbasaurShellder –> SeelTentacool –> VulpixVoltorb –>MagnemiteWeedle –> Squirtle

Pokémon Go nest changes: How to report new Pokémon spawns

If you've noticed new Pokémon nests in your area there are a few different ways to share that information. The easiest thing to do is simply comment on this thread in the Silph Road subreddit with the data you've found. If you're willing to do a little more work you can submit your findings directly to the Global Nest Atlas.

Niantic seems to be rolling out major nest migrations every two weeks. So it's possible none of these changes will last very long. Still, it's worth sharing the information if it can help another player fill out their Pokédex.

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