Healthy one-pot meals for 100% deliciousness and zero cleanup

One major reason to default to takeout instead of cooking? The dishes. The thought of looming crumb-and-grease covered pots, pans, plates and utensils that result from cooking at home can make the whole concept of meal prep hugely daunting — and unenjoyable.

If you simply dread the thought of scrubbing dishes after feasting on a home-cooked meal, it's time to convert to one-pot meals. 

These tasty dishes can be created with minimal kitchen equipment to make cleanup a cinch and optimize your cooking enjoyment. Healthy one-pot meals bring on the deliciousness, and cleaning that single pot may even be easier than taking out your post-takeout trash. Many recipes require a pot that can be used on both the stove and in the oven, so gear up with a dutch oven or cast-iron skillet before embarking on your new one-pot lifestyle.

One-pot Greek oregano chicken and orzo with tomatoes in garlic oil

One-pot Greek oregano chicken and orzo with tomatoes in garlic oilTieghan Gerard/Half Baked Harvest

The Mediterranean diet is regarded as one of the healthiest on earth, so making an entire Mediterranean-style meal in one pot should be a no brainer. Consider using whole-wheat orzo for some added fiber. Get the recipe here.

One-pot lemon orzo shrimp

One-pot lemon orzo shrimpChungah Rhee/Damn Delicious

Another Mediterranean-style meal, this citrusy shrimp dish feels fancy enough to feed a crowd — they'll all have to fight over who'll clean the only pot in gratitude. Get the recipe here

One-pot skinny pasta primavera

One-pot skinny pasta primaveraHeidi Larson/FoodieCrush

Sure, boiling spaghetti and dumping a jar of Prego on top is technically a one-pot meal, but if you're in the mood for pasta, try this veggie-filled one-pot recipe instead. It's almost as easy as opening a jar of sauce. Get the recipe here

One-pot tomato, basil and burrata spaghetti

One-pot tomato, basil and burrata spaghettiStephanie Le/i am a food blog

If you prefer sticking to basics, this simple spaghetti is still arguably healthy and definitely tasty. Get the recipe here

One-pot herb-roasted chicken with butter-toasted wild rice pilaf

One-pot herb-roasted chicken with butter-toasted wild rice pilafTieghan Gerard/Half Baked Harvest

Protein? Check. Vegetables? Check. Whole grains? Check. This one-pot recipe has everything you need for a nutritious and satisfying meal, ready in less than an hour. Get the recipe here

Root vegetable cassoulet

Root vegetable cassouletErin Alderson/Naturally Ella

Traditionally meaty cassoulet goes vegan with this tasty and healthy one-pot dish. Get the recipe here.

One-pot kale sweet potato curry

One-pot kale sweet potato curryDana Schultz/Minimalist Baker

Flavorful enough to excite your taste buds on leftover nights, this vegan one-pot curry is a quick and healthy meal that may just become your new cold-weather staple. Get the recipe here

One-pot kale and quinoa pilaf

One-pot kale and quinoa pilafdeensiebat/food52

Kale! Quinoa! You know this pilaf is healthy and it's super easy to make. Get the recipe here

Creamy tomato barley risotto

Creamy tomato barley risotto Angela Liddon/Oh She Glows

Barley replaces rice in this easy-to-make vegan risotto dish. Get the recipe here

One-pot Spanish chicken and potatoes

One-pot Spanish chicken and potatoesLindsay Ostrum/Pinch of Yum

This one-pot feast offers a quick trip to Spain in just a skillet! Eggplant and chicken breasts make this dish flavorful and healthy. Get the recipe here

One-pot creamy spinach lentils

One-pot creamy spinach lentilsLindsay Ostrum/Pinch of Yum

This hugely hearty and satisfying pot of lentils and veggies will make you wonder why you even own more than one pot. Get the recipe here

Brussels sprouts and sausage parsnip spiralized pasta 

Brussels sprouts and sausage spiralized parsnip pasta Gina Homolka/Skinnytaste

This one-pot pasta isn't made with pasta at all — it's actually spiralized parsnip that gives the dish the appearance and texture of al dente spaghetti. Get the recipe here

Paleo squash pesto spaghetti

Paleo squash pesto spaghettiCourtney O'Dell/Sweet C's Designs

You won't have a single pot to clean after making this recipe — half a spaghetti squash serves as your cooking vessel. Get the recipe here

Poached cod in tomato broth

Poached cod in tomato brothMartha Stewart

This elegant, high-protein, low-carb dish can be prepared in 35 minutes and is seriously restaurant-worthy. Get the recipe here

One-pot sticky chicken wings

One-pot sticky chicken wingsStephanie Meyer/

Serve these oil-free, soy-sauce-covered wings with a big side of greens to create a truly healthy meal. Get the recipe here

Skillet tomato casserole with white beans and parmesan croutons

Skillet tomato casserole with white beans and parmesan croutonsErin Clarke/Well Plated

Casseroles are totally healthy when they're packed with veggies and legumes. No judgment if you eat it right out of the skillet. Get the recipe here

One-skillet balsamic chicken and vegetables

One-skillet balsamic chicken and vegetablesAverie Sunshine/Averie Cooks

The balsamic vinegar in this one-pot recipe reduces to become a highly flavorful, sweet sauce for the chicken and vegetables — all cooked together, naturally. Get the recipe here.