VP Debate Results: Biden Won Vice Presidential Debate, Ryan Timid


The Vice Presidential debate is over, and the winner seems to be Joe Biden.

Biden came in strong from the beginning, and his cool confidence stayed consistent throughout the debate. On the other hand, Paul Ryan came in a bit timid, but ended on a high note.

Biden took every opportunity to attack, and was alert during every second of the debate. His great reactions and expressions kept viewers either engaged, or infuriated. Admittedly, his overconfidence sometimes seemed to be a bit much. However, it was refreshing to see someone call out when facts were inaccurate during the debate.

Moderator Martha Raddatz also kept the debate interesting with her straightforward questions. She put both debaters on the spot by asking questions like: “Can you solve this in two months?”, “Can you get unemployment to under 6% and how long will it take?”, “Do you have specifics for this plan, or are you all still working on it, and that is why you haven't been able to?”, “What role has your religion played?”, and “Are you ever ashamed of yourselves?”

The biggest issue across the board for Ryan is that there were no real answers presented during the debate. When asked directly about specifics for tax reforms, he wasn’t able to give a straight answer. When talking about defense spending, he said that Romney didn’t want increase it, which isn’t true. He did not argue the voucher system well. However, he did make a strong argument when it came to Libya.

Choosing a winner wasn’t as black and white as last time though. There was a lot of content covered, and both debaters performed well. Biden was articulate, witty, and pleasantly aggressive. Ryan was composed, consistent, and deliberate. At the end though, Biden beat all odds, didn’t make any gaffes, and was the clear winner.

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