Vice President Joe Biden Won the Vice Presidential Debate Dominating Paul Ryan


The only vice presidential debate of the election cycle is over and it was exactly the kind of debate that political geeks dream about. Both candidates were well prepared, aggressive, and quick to push their presidential candidate’s arguments. However, it is clear that after a challenging night on both sides, Vice President Joe Biden dominated the debate. 

Congressman Ryan’s biggest challenge tonight was a lack of specifics. Question after question he failed to respond with specifics. Ryan’s lack of specifics were even noticed and pressed on by the moderator. Mitt Romney and Congressman Ryan (R-Wisc.) have to be clear on specifics as the election gets closer.

Biden became his own fact checker tonight. Although viewed by some as a rude constant interruption of Ryan, VP Biden interjected every time he thought the congressman attempted to spread some “malarkie.” Last week, President Obama was heavily criticized for allowing Romney to get away with lies on the debate stage. It was evident that Biden did not intend to have the same things said about him tonight.

Also, Biden had a few lines that are sure to continue to be played throughout the election cycle. First, Biden’s “malarkie” line will soon be a part of the Obama campaign’s ads.

Second, Biden’s reprise of the famed debate line “you’re no Jack Kennedy,” is sure to make its’ rounds on the internet. 

Third, Biden constantly reprised the 47% comments by Romney that have since attempted to die down in the media. 

And finally, the issue of women’s rights and abortion got some relevant, line-drawing attention.

Ultimately, Biden did his job and stopped the bleeding from the Obama campaign. President Obama has said before that one of the best political decisions he has ever made was selecting Biden as his running mate, he was right and tonight proved it. Now, it’s on to the town hall style presidential debate next week.