'Overwatch' Mei Antarctica Glitch: Players are reporting cheaters for abusing a map bug


The new Ecopoint: Antarctica map added to Overwatch is Mei's domain in more ways than one. It's set at Mei's old research facility where she was cryogenically frozen, but there also seems to be a bug in the map that allows her to access restricted areas and attack enemies through walls. Not cool, Mei.

Overwatch Antartica Glitch: Mei gets an unfair advantage

Over the past several days, players on both the Overwatch Reddit and official Overwatch forums have reported a similar story. During a three-versus-three match on Ecopoint: Antarctica, a Mei on the opposing team somehow accessed a restricted area using her Ice Wall ability and attacked them through the map's walls.

"I'm pretty sure most of you are aware that in 3v3, Mei can essentially wall hack out of the map and still attack through the wall," RedOcelottz reported on Blizzard's forums. "I hope Blizzard is working on a hot fix for this because it's unbearable seeing it every match."

Wrath/Blizzard Entertainment

Here's a GIF of the same glitch the aptly named ThatPissedOffDude posted on the Overwatch Reddit:

It's unclear whether any other characters can access this area, but Reddit users BassBailiff, nogokirby, Lycadox, KingGeeZee and DestinyBolty have all reported a similar issue, specifically involving an enemy Mei.

Mic has reached out to Blizzard to see whether it's aware of the issue and will update with any response.

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