Who Won VP Debate 2012: Biden Shows he Understands the Issues, From the Economy to Foreign Policy


Tonight’s vice presidential debate showed that Vice President Biden has the speaking power to match anything Republicans throw at him. Faced against GOP opponent Congressman Paul Ryan, Biden showed that there is still a chance for the Obama campaign to move forward after it's tough first presidential debate performance. Here are three ways in which Biden’s debate performance outshined that of Ryan.

1) He gave plenty of examples. Biden highlighted some of the ways in which the Obama campaign has effectively helped millions of Americans. With regards to the economy, Medicare and Medicaid Biden was able to note the ways in which the Obama Administration is helping middle class Americans. Biden noted, “We extended the life of Medicare to 2022.” Biden went on to note that the Romney-Ryan plan stops Medicare by 2016. As well, on topics related to Iran, Biden explained the point of view of the Ayatollah and that of Netanyahu showing that he was prepared with an example for each question asked. Biden did not agree with any of the points which Ryan made and tried his best to show the American people that Obama has not given up on them. It would appear as though Biden was fact-checking most of what was said to him by Ryan by giving a straight answer to the decisions and policies which the Obama campaign has done the past four years.

2) He understood the topics. It would be fair to say that both men understood what was at stake and what this country needs moving forward, however only Biden had the experience to back up what he was saying. He was able to argue how it is really not as easy as it seems for Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon saying “We will not let them acquire a nuclear weapon…War should be the absolute last resort.” Biden was able to respond the questions being asked and point towards actions which have been taken and to actions which will be taken to help those in the country regarding the middle class. A big promoter of policy, Ryan talked about how more people are losing jobs despite the new jobs report which Biden smiled about when first mentioned. Biden’s experience related to the economy and the stimulus showed through the edge in his voice and tone. The arguments which Biden made related to the economy and jobs related to that of green energy and green jobs, which stood out against the arguments which Ryan made regarding the economy.

3) He was harsh. Biden was a bit harsh, though it could be pointed out that he may have avoided using any form of rhetoric in order to get his points across. It was fully expected that Biden would be able to accomplish something for Obama after this debate, as just before the debate Biden was viewed unfavorably with Americans it is expected that his performance will help somewhat in the polls. There were many different topics covered in the debate and on most points Biden was able to show that the plan which Obama is presenting is the right direction for the American people.

Of course everyone will have their own opinion, who do you think won the debate?