Donald Trump waited for the last day of 2016 to give us his pettiest tweet yet

Petty Crocker. Petty Wap. Petty White. These are just a few names to consider for Donald Trump, who just put a ribbon on 2016 with what may very well be his pettiest tweet yet.

"Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do," the president-elect wrote. 


Trump's tweet doesn't name anyone specifically, but given his broad description of "many enemies" who have "lost so badly," there are a few possibilities. 

Trump could be talking about the other Republicans in the 2016 nomination field, especially former governor Jeb "Please clap" Bush and senator Ted "Is there something on my lip?" Cruz. Trump bested both of his rivals in the primaries.

Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Trump teased Bush mercilessly during the primary in a way that would give Nelson from The Simpsons pause. And though Cruz refused to endorse Trump at the Republican National Convention, he ended up phone banking for him and giving us one of 2016's saddest memes

Trump could be talking about Hillary Clinton, who he defeated in the general election. However, his description of "losing so badly" doesn't apply here. Trump's electoral victory is the 13th worst in electoral history. And nonwhite and younger voters faced widespread voter suppression. And while Trump may be the executive producer of The Apprentice, when it comes to the popular vote, which Clinton leads by over 2 million people, he's actually the biggest loser. 

Trump's master class in petty comes only four days after he thanked himself for upping consumer confidence despite not having held office yet, and only five days after he claimed he saved Christmas

Here's to putting the "petty" in PEOTUS. 


Correction: Dec. 31, 2016