'The Bachelor' 2017 Spoilers: What will happen in season 21?


After a two-hour premiere that saw Nick Viall eliminate his first crop of women while questioning if others were there for the Right Reasons®, The Bachelor is off to a roaring start. We've got fan favorites, villains and potential spanners in the works already.

What will happen next week and in the weeks ahead? Here are our three major predictions for how season 21 will go.

Liz causes drama

Liz lived up to the promise of her dramatic, side-swept hair Monday night, walking in with a secret — she slept with Nick at Jade and Tanner's wedding! — and quickly ruining it by spilling tea every which way. (Rewatch the episode and take a shot every time she either implies or states outright that they had sex nine months ago.) Nick was unimpressed, but still kept her around.

Let's be frank: Like Lace before her, Liz was almost certainly kept in for the drama of it all. She's a shit-stirrer who will shake up the house. She's not quite the villain, because it's hard to imagine her making it more than a couple of weeks, but she'll be an agent of chaos in the house.

Corinne becomes the villain

Corinne, who, we will remind you, looks exactly like Tiffany Trump, is the clear pick for season villain, particularly because she looks like a keeper. She made out with Nick on the first night, to the Puritanical horror of the other women, and clearly showed a spark. She's got his eye, and, as another contestant Monday night pointed out, "Nick is a very sexual man." He won't be eliminating her soon.

That's what makes the way she digs at the other girls all the more delicious. Not only is she going to be around for a while, she's going to annoy the crap out of her fellow contestants. The Bachelor needs someone like Corinne; she could be exactly what the format needs to refresh itself.

Rachel goes the distance

Let us all take a moment to praise Rachel Lindsay, a true Bachelor unicorn. She is a professional, age-appropriate woman for Nick. She is elegant, charming and well-spoken. She's a lawyer who isn't too self-serious to let her hair down and have fun on this show. She is a black woman who earned the first impression rose — a historic achievement even though it shouldn't be. She is the kind of real woman who can thrive on this series.

She may not win the series, but Rachel may be destined for greater things in the franchise. First lead bachelorette of color, perhaps? It's too early to say, but we can't help but get excited about her journey.

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