Rasmussen Polls: Latest Presidential Polls Show Romney in the Lead After VP Debate


After Thursday night's rapid-fire vice presidential debate Americans are hungry for poll numbers to answer the question of who won, and where their party now stands. Many pundits are calling the Joe Biden-Paul Ryan showdown a draw, with each side feeling like their VP candidate went out and did his job. 

Not even 12 hours after the completion of the debate, Rasmussen Reports released it's daily presidential poll numbers. The Friday tracking poll shows Mitt Romney with support from 48% of voters, while President Obama earns the vote from 47%. According to the poll, an additional 2% of voters prefer another candidate and 3% are still undecided. 

In terms of the president's job approval rating, 50% say they approve of the job he has done while 49% disapprove. Job approval rating is one of the best means of determining a president's chances of reelection.

In the days and months before the 2008 election Rasmussen polls showed Obama between 50% and 52% every single day. The president won the election by a 53% to 46% margin. 

In the lead-up to the vice presidential debate, Rasmussen Reports conducted a telephone poll which determined that 58% of voters considered Thursday night's debate less important than the presidential debate. 

In the aftermath of the VP debates what remains important is the opinion of voters in the swing states. As PolicyMic pundit Jake Horowitz reported: "the race is tightening in the all-important 11 swing states, where Obama looked set to dominate just two weeks ago. In Nevada, Rasmussen finds both candidates with 47% support, in Colorado, Obama leads 49% to Romney's 48%, and in the overall swing state tracking poll, Romney has a 49% to 48% edge."

As we edge closer and closer to election day, we will see where and how these numbers fluctuate. The upcoming Tuesday night second presidential debate will provide further fodder for these numbers.