Latest Presidential Polls: Romney Opens Lead in Florida on the Heels of VP Debate


For Republicans, it's starting to look like "morning in America" again.

Last night's vice presidential debate is largely seems as a draw between Vice President Joe Biden and Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan. Two snapshot polls, one from CNN and one from CBS, found Ryan leading Biden (48% to 44%) and the vice president leading the Republican VP nominee (50% to 31%) respectively. Though both Biden and Ryan did probably fire up their respective party bases, last night's debate will do little to change independent voters' minds as well as to stop Mitt Romney's surge in the polls. 

The Republican vice presidential nominee keeps receiving good news from pollsters nationwide and in the crucial swing states that will decide the election. Romney has now opened a 7-point lead over President Obama in Florida. The Tampa Bay Times/Bay News 9/Miami Herald poll shows Romney with 51% of likely Florida voters' support to Obama's 44%. 

However, Romney's advantage is within the poll's sampling error. The Florida survey was also conducted entirely after the first presidential debate, following what was largely considered a lackluster performance from the president. It does not take into account any influence last night's vice presidential debate might or might not have in the race. 

And though the Obama campaign is relying on a strong showing among Latino voters, and internal poll averages that still show President Obama on the lead in Florida, the latest poll found Romney making crucial gains and leading the president on a important questions such as who likely voters believe would help improve the economy, protect Medicare and — most surprisingly — who is better equipped to look out for the middle class.