'GTA 5' Vineweed: Players celebrate 'Hollyweed' prank online, but is it real or fake?


In case you've been living under a rock, some hero altered the world-famous Hollywood sign to read "Hollyweed" to ring in the new year earlier this week. So, of course, Grand Theft Auto 5's Vinewood sign followed suit with a "Vineweed" rebrand of its own — or did it?

GTA 5 takes place in a pastiche of California called San Andreas, and its Hollywood stand-in is called Vinewood. As you might have guessed, it comes with its own hillside sign, and it looks some someone has recreated the Hollyweed prank with the Vinewood sign.

Welcome to Vineweed.


You can find a few attempts at this across Twitter and Reddit. Granted, they're probably just altered screenshots rather than actual in-game modifications. Still, that's a pretty good homage to one of the most heroic acts of vandalism our world has ever seen.

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