EU Wins Nobel Peace Prize For No Good Reason


Following the Nobel Peace Prize is like reading the New York Times: it's always good to understand what the cosmopolitan left thinks about itself. Who else would award this "prestigious" prize to Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Barack Obama, and the United Nations.

We can now add to this list the distinguished European Union. The reason? In the past 60 years, Noble Committee Chairman Thorbjoern Jagland noted, Europe has been transformed "from a continent of wars to a continent of peace."  

The Nobel Committee must have on their blinders. The committee's decision shows an ignorance of both history and logic. In the first place, the committee forgot that Europe's 60-year peace was ensured by the military support —and the financial backing —of the United States. The committee also neglected the fact that Europe could not muster the strength to confront the genocide in Kosovo right before the turn of the twentieth century. Again, it fell to the United States to stop Slobodan Milosevic from his wanton campaign of murder against his own people.

There's also the small matter of Europe's current state of affairs. Never mind that the EU's peace has come at the cost of its own prosperity. Never mind that the sovereign national states that comprise the EU are beholden to un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels. And never mind that the EU is currently ravaged by violent protests, crushed by its demographic suicide, and bankrupt by its unsustainable welfare state.  

None of this deserves a standing ovation. On the contrary, it demands a stinging rebuke. But to expect that from the Nobel Peace Prize is like expecting Yassar Arafat to stop supporting terrorist actions against the state of Israel. Oh, and did I mention that the late Mr. Arafat also received the Nobel Peace Prize?