'Overwatch' Update Patch Notes: New Oasis map now live for PS4, Xbox One and PC


Tuesday afternoon, a new patch hit the live version of Overwatch and introduced the game's newest map, Oasis.

The news was announced via a video uploaded to the official Overwatch YouTube account.

New Overwatch map Oasis features a jump pad and hazardous traffic

Oasis, a control point map set in a futuristic city in the Arabian Desert, features some interesting new elements not present in any other Overwatch maps thus far.

For example, near the edge of the map, there's fast-moving traffic that will kill your character instantly upon impact. 

Since it's on the edge of the map, it's not a zone that most characters will travel through, but it's a neat touch.

There's also a "jump pad" that functions like an elevator to help characters get to the upper levels of the map more quickly.

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