'Overwatch' 2.02: Oasis map traffic can be used to charge Zarya's shield


The latest Overwatch patch update, version 2.02, added a gorgeous new control point map called Oasis. Though it's only been out a short time, players had already been testing it for several weeks on the public test realm. In that time, they've found some cool exploits, one of which will let you do some extra damage as Zarya right off the bat.

Overwatch version 2.02: Use Oasis traffic to your advantage

The Oasis map introduces a new hazard: traffic.

Though it kills you instantly on impact, you can also use it to charge up Zarya's shield on your way to the control point and do more damage on your first encounter with the enemy team.

The key seems to be to carefully position yourself so the shield just barely glances against the car, but it seems worth the risk. Doing it successfully charges Zarya's weapon up to 40 instantly. 

Here's a video of it in action:

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