Kansas Rep. Roger Marshall's son dabbing with Paul Ryan is the first great meme of 2017


Once deemed dead, it would appear that dabbing is making an uncomfortable comeback thanks to Tuesday's Congressional swearing-in ceremonies. 

After newly elected Rep. Roger Marshall (R-Kans.) was sworn in by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), Marshall's son dabbed for cameras while posing for photos with his father and Ryan, sending the internet into a good old-fashioned round of millennial bashing and Ryan mocking.

As cameras started flashing, Cal Marshall, who was put in charge of holding the Bible for his father's swearing-in, lowered his head into the crook of his arm so his dab would be memorialized in his father's career forever. However, Ryan was quick to notice the move and asked, "You all right?" Cal nodded, head still in his arm. After another round of photographs, Ryan gently pulled Cal's arm down and asked, "You want to put your hand down?" With a massive grin and barely containing laughter, Cal relented and let the focus fall back to his father's swearing-in, but it was too late.

Confused, Ryan asked Cal: "Were you going to sneeze? Is that it?" And in that moment, the first great meme of the year was born, just a week before the one-year anniversary of Hillary Clinton dabbing on Ellen:

Rep. Marshall, whose swearing-in ceremony is the whole reason Cal was there in the first place, backed Ryan's assumption that the strange movement was just a sneeze. After the ceremony, Ryan tweeted, "Still don't get what dabbing is," and Marshall tweeted that his son had been grounded for what apparently everyone except Ryan knew was definitely not a sneeze.