Meet Bonjour, the artificially enhanced smart alarm clock from the future

Not too long ago, owning an artificially enhanced assistant was an idea found only in science fiction. In recent years, for better or worse, that's all changed. Apple now offers Siri, Google has Google Assistant and even Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg created his very own assistant, modeled after Jarvis the digital butler from Iron Man, in 2016. 

As technology continues to improve, it's likely other AI gadgets that are designed to make our lives easier will end up on the market. Enter Bonjour, a smart alarm clock from tech startup Holi that combines the best today's alarm clocks offer with next-gen artificial intelligence to create the perfect personal assistant.

Bonjour incorporates popular features found in other virtual assistants, like Wi-Fi connection and music streaming. It responds to voice commands with a human-like voice and features customizable wakeup plans.

For example, Bonjour has the ability to wake owners up earlier than scheduled in case of congestion or traffic delays to ensure they get to their destinations on time, and it can help streamline sleeping habits by syncing with other wearables like the Pebble Fit or Apple Watch. It can even connect with smart devices for day-to-day services using voice control. Bonjour also promises to learn and grow as it adapts to preferences and has security features that allow users to turn off listening capabilities for privacy. 

Since Bonjour is still in the crowdfunding stage and raising money on Indiegogo, it won't be available until July 2017, but if the device maker's claims hold true the artificially powered smart clock, which was recently honored at the Consumer Electronics Show in the smart home category, could end up being an industry trail blazer. So far backers can pre-order one clock for $169 (plus shipping) or two for $249 (plus shipping)

This advanced alarm clock wants to make getting up in the morning stress-free.Holi/Bonjour

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