'Overwatch' 2.02 Update: Oasis' jump pad makes Bastion in turret mode even more horrifying


Overwatch received a new patch update, version 2.02, that introduced its newest map, Oasis, on Tuesday. It's a gorgeous control point map, like Ilios or Nepal, but it has a new feature that's a first for the main Overwatch map roster: a jump pad. It basically works like a trampoline, rocketing players high into the air to help them access the stage's upper levels. 

When Oasis was first added to the public test realm, some players worried that the jump pad wasn't actually that fun to use. However, a recent highlight uploaded to the Overwatch subreddit might prove that it's just a matter of choosing the right character.

Overwatch 2.02 Update: Using the jump pad with Bastion is way too powerful

In a clip uploaded to Reddit by Watchyourblue, you can see Bastion in turret mode directly on top of the jump pad, peeking its head up over and over and picking off a member of the enemy team with each bounce.

In the comments, several players seem to perceive this as an overpowered exploit that deserves attention. One suggested that Bastion not be able to enter turret form on the jump pad. Another player suggested that it be limited to a single bounce.

Unless this proves to be a play that can't be countered with some strategy, it's unlikely Blizzard will patch it out. When Blizzard first revealed Oasis at BlizzCon in Nov. 2016, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan pointed specifically to two abilities that the jump pad makes fun: McCree's ultimate and Bastion's turret. So Blizzard definitely knows this is a thing players can do.

But, like most strategies, it's probably just a matter of time before players wise up and learn to look out for a hopping Bastion. So now you know. Keep your eyes peeled for flying robots, fam.

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