Donald Trump appears to admit he has no plan to replace Obamacare


President-elect Donald Trump appeared to admit on Twitter Thursday morning that he has no plan to fix or replace the Affordable Care Act, despite telling voters throughout the campaign that he had "something terrific" in mind.

In a two-tweet missive, Trump instead sought to keep up the blame game on Democrats for the healthcare law, calling Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer a "clown" and saying it's "time for Republicans & Democrats to get together and come up with a health care plan that really works."

By saying both parties need to "come up with a health care plan that really works," Trump appears to admit he doesn't have a concrete plan to replace President Barack Obama's signature health care law, which has given millions of people access to health insurance.

That suggestion comes a day after Vice President-elect Mike Pence headed to Capitol Hill to talk to congressional Republicans about the ACA, offering zero specifics about the GOP's health insurance plan, but promising that the ACA will be repealed.  

Many, including some Republicans such as Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., are warning the GOP that repealing the law without an immediate replacement will create chaos in the insurance market, potentially resulting in millions losing coverage.

Top Republicans on Capitol Hill are also privately admitting they don't have a plan to insure as many people as the ACA does. Some are worried of the political impacts of taking away coverage from those who received it thanks to the ACA, according to Politico.

But that doesn't mean Republicans are heeding that warning. 

ACA repeal legislation is already in the works, Politico's Anna Palmer reported, with Republicans planning on coming up with a replacement later on.