Muslim-owned restaurant serves free meals to anyone in need — no questions asked


In Montreal, a cold winter brings out some warm hearts. One eatery called Marché Ferdous has been giving away free meals to anyone who needs it, Canadian news site Global News reported. The restaurant crew originally wanted to help the crowd of homeless people who gather near a church next door, so it posted a sign that reads "People with no money welcome to come eat free." 

"We do not ask any questions, we do not judge people," the restaurant's co-owner, Yahya Hashemi told Global News. A Montreal resident, Sean Jalbert, tested Hashemi's promise on Monday and found he was offered a free meal, no questions asked. He then paid for the food and complimented the staff. Jalbert later posted about his positive experience on Facebook, and the post went viral. It has over 2,900 likes as of this article's publication.  

The restaurant's Facebook page has been flooded with positive reviews, many from people who've never even been to the restaurant. "You are what Canada is all about," Marchel Martin Villeneuve wrote. 


Across the pond, another Muslim-owned restaurant also recently made news for spreading the love. Shish Restaurant, a Turkish eatery in London, hosted a free Christmas dinner for homeless people, Mic previously reported.