Terry Crews 'Overwatch' Doomfist: Dwayne Johnson voices support as excitement builds


The rumors of a new Terry Crews-voiced Overwatch character named Doomfist still sit largely in the realm of pure fantasy, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have an official endorsement from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Terry Crews-Overwatch-Doomfist idea co-signed by Dwayne Johnson

For the past several months, the Overwatch fandom has been chattering about the idea that Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Crews could voice a rumored Overwatch character that's been teased since the game's inception. Crews responded to the idea on Reddit, saying that he would "love to play Doomfist." Since then, he's posted images of himself visiting Blizzard's campus, which only served to fuel the rumor mill even more.

Earlier in the week, Crews tweeted an article about the fan calls for him to voice the rumored new hero, saying "Who wants to hear me do the voice of Doomfist for real??" Thursday morning, Johnson retweeted Crews, co-signing the idea and saying, "fans would luv it."

Make it happen, Blizzard, or you'll have to answer to both Terry Crews and The Rock. You've been warned.

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