Stacey Dash Picks Romney Over Obama: Everyone is Entitled to His or Her Own Opinion


Anyone with eyes, ears, and a sound mind can see that politics aren’t what they used to be. As America matured, mudslinging turned into something so foul it can’t be named even though some try to sugar coat the situation. 

A majority of African-Americans and other minorities are registered Democrats and tend to support Democratic candidates. It doesn’t matter if they actually support the Democratic views, because they were raised in a home where they learned that minorities are traditionally Democrats. The point is that there are very few minorities, especially African-Americans who support the Republican Party. Though throughout history many prominent African-Americans, such as Harriet Tubman and Booker T. Washington, were members of the Republican Party, times have changed and so have the Republican and Democratic Parties.

Up until Election 1964, African-American voters had always been associated with the Republican Party. From the beginning, the Republican Party was all about political equality and equal rights for African-Americans; while the Democratic Party was determined to keep African-Americans “in their place.” 

In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson, who has previously rejected the 1957 Civil Rights Bill, pushed the 1964 Civil Rights Act as well as the 1965 Voting Rights Act through Congress. At a time when blacks worked day and night for equality, this was an answered prayer. It was during this election that the African-American community became associated with the Democratic Party. 

Now that African-Americans were affiliated with a party that actually didn’t care for them, many of the Democratic members weren’t happy with this shift so they eventually made a shift of their own to the Republican Party. Whether it’s admitted or not, the average Republican really doesn’t care for the middle class and less fortunate and they tend to be very selfish. I’m not saying that every Republican is that way, but just about every one I’ve met or heard of seems to be. I’m not sure if many African-Americans and other minorities actually know the true reasons why minorities are tend to vote Democrat, but it’s a very interesting and eye opening tale.

Recently, actress Stacey Dash was thrust into the spotlight after sending a pro-Romney tweet. In my opinion, this tweet was about as calculated as the all-American photo that went along with the tweet. I believe this was either a publicity stunt or an idea that sounded way better in her head because she was clearly not prepared for the backlash it generated. 

Dash received some harsh words from fellow tweeters, most who were African-American. In an interview with Piers Morgan, she sounded very fake and partially rehearsed. She said that she believes that if Romney is elected the next four years will be different and the country will make more money. If you’re a rich American, regardless of race, you most definitely will benefit from Romney in office. Stacey Dash isn’t the only person of color who supports the Republican Party. I’m not saying all minorities should be Democrats, but it is questionable. Why would you want to rub elbows with people who might like you, but don’t like your people? It’s unfortunate that the race card must be played to get a point across, but just think about how many minorities that you actually saw at the Republican National Convention?

The majority of Americans isn’t rich and must wake up early and go to sleep late to feed their families. Sleep is for the rich and the last time I checked Mitt Romney’s never had to debate between paying the light bill and filling that prescription for his sick child. How can you relate to the average American when you’re a man that was born with a silver spoon in your mouth, and you’re worth $250 million? 

Mitt Romney was born into wealth and status while President and First Lady Obama had to make their dreams come true the old fashioned way. Education is the cornerstone of success, but Romney thinks students should borrow money from their parents to go to college. If that were the case, I never would have set foot on a college campus other than to clean the classrooms. 

With that mindset and my income now, college will be a fairy tale to my daughter. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel more confident with President Obama in office. Maybe he hasn’t been able to deliver on everything he promised but it’s because he’s been stopped in his tracks numerous times by the Republican Party. 

Obama has done his best to fix as much as he could in four years what took at least eight years to screw up. Why would you want a president who encourages war and can’t tell you his plans for a country where he doesn’t even care about 47% of its citizens? I totally agree with Whoopi Goldberg who she said that everyone has the right to vote for whoever they chose to vote for. I’m thankful for who fought so that I could register when I turned 18. I just believe that you should vote for someone who truly wants to have the backs of all people and not just the ones that they like.