Key and Peele’s Obama and Luther crash ‘The Daily Show’ for farewell address


We may never be provided the catharsis of President Barack Obama letting his real feelings about President-elect Donald Trump be known, but POTUS' reserved demeanor is the reason for one of Key & Peele's most iconic characters from their now-concluded sketch series: Luther. Played by Keegan-Michael Key, Luther is Obama's "anger translator." While he hasn't made an appearance since 2015's White House Correspondents dinner, Luther made a farewell address alongside Jordan Peele's Obama on The Daily Show Thursday night. 

Peele's Obama begins graciously, saying he brought Luther along with the guarantee that his companion will be on his best behavior. That lasts only a few seconds before Luther goes on one of his infamous tirades. 

"TRUMP?!" he shouts. "How did this happen, man? Get the fuck out of here ... Don't you understand? This is how The Hunger Games starts!" 

Peele's Obama then explains the importance of the U.S. moving forward as a "country united" after the election, to which Luther adds that we're "united in the fact that we can't fucking stand each other." Then, echoing the real Obama's assurance that the country will succeed if Trump succeeds, Luther makes a cheeky, albeit sobering point. 

"Unless he succeeds with all the shit he promises to succeed with," Luther says. "In that case, we're fucked." 

Peele's Obama concludes by mentioning that he's leaving a note in the Oval Office for Trump — a customary gesture among outgoing presidents — but Luther makes the mistake of reading the note out loud for the audience: "Go fuck yourself." 

It's a fitting end to Key and Peele's longtime sketch: The fictitious Obama finally lets his emotions be known, after years of Luther doing it for him. Not to be outdone, Luther has some parting words for the incoming commander in chief. "I got my eye on you, pussy-grabber." 

You can watch Obama and Luther here