Latest Presidential Polls: Romney Continues to Gain in Swing States Ahead of Second Debate


As President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney prepare for their second debate this Tuesday from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, polls continue to trend toward the GOP candidate both nationally and in the crucial swing states that will decide the election.   

The former governor of Massachusetts now leads the president nationally, 49% to 47%, according to Gallup; while Rasmussen has the GOP candidate leading the president by just one percentage point (48% to 47%). Reuters also found Romney leading Obama nationally, 46% to 45%. All these numbers, however, are pretty much within the margin of error that suggests the race remains a lock when it comes to the popular vote. 

When it comes to the coveted swing states, Romney continues to chip away at Obama's margins. In Virginia, Rasmussen has Romney leading Obama by two percentage points (49% to 47%). In New Hampshire, Romney also leads Obama by two points (49% to 47%), according to Angus-Reid. 

In Colorado, Survey USA puts Romney ahead of Obama by one point (48% to 47%). Two polls taken in the crucial battleground state of Florida, Rasmussen and Angus-Reid, have Romney solidifying his lead over Obama (49% to 46% and 51% to 47%, respectively).

The president leads in Michigan by 7 percentage points, 52% to 45%, according to Rasmussen. Obama also holds one-point leads in North Carolina and Ohio, according to HighPoint UNC and JZ Analytics respectively. Nevada, South Dakota and Virginia are on Romney's column where he holds leads of 3, 11 and 7 percentage points respectively — according to surveys from Dane & Associates, Nelson Brothers and McLaughlin.