European Union Wins Nobel Peace Prize, and the Prize is Well Deserved


As we've all read by now, the European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize. It seems an odd choice to many considering the financial troubles Europe is currently going through. But considering that Europe caused two world wars and one hasn't happened since the EU was formed maybe it is the most sensible peace prize award ever. Maybe the fact that throughout Europe's current economic turmoil war has been completely off the table is an unspoken blessing. Maybe a Nobel Prize is just the sort of pep-talk the EU needs for reflection.

Considering Europe's violent 20th century (and all centuries before for that, for that matter) it is quite a feat that they have been able to not scuffle with each other since the European Union's founding. While some eyebrows are being raised as to the timing on account of the current euro crisis it is actually entirely appropriate for this to happen during such a time. With all of the turmoil and financial calamity ongoing in Europe it is a blessing war has been averted.


History will remember the euro crisis as a transition period that led to a stronger, more peaceful, and financially stable Europe. This is the real message of this year's Nobel Peace Prize. It is acknowledging that Europe is in a trying time of transition and paying respects to the oft unappreciated period of peace Europe is currently enjoying. It is a reminder that while the current transition in Europe is very trying it is not nearly as difficult as past problems that Europe has triumphed. It is a reminder that if Europe can achieve peace it can achieve financial stability. It is a reminder that transitions are always hard when the cause is worthy.