Togepi Evolution 'Pokémon Go': Togetic confirmed, but what about Togekiss?


When Gen 2 baby Pokémon were added to Pokémon Go, the cutest new Pokémon — Togepi, obviously — stood alone in more ways than one.

"Baby" Pokémon are largely cute because they resemble younger versions of Gen 1 Pokémon that Pokémon Go players have come to know and love. Pichu, for instance, is the baby form of Pikachu, and so Pokémon Go players can ooh and aah over how adorable their baby Pikachu is.

But Togepi isn't related to any Gen 1 Pokémon at all, which means an entirely new evolutionary path has opened up. Here's everything you need to know about Togepi evolution in Pokémon Go.

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Togepi Evolution: Pokémon Go players can already see the evolved form

The benefit of jumping into the world of Pokémon via Pokémon Go is the amount of information available to new players. Pokémon has been a major phenomenon since the late 1990s. So tons of info on the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokémon is already out there for players to discover.

This includes the evolution of Togepi, one of the first Gen 2 Pokémon added to Pokémon Go. You can see its evolved form, Togetic, in the official Pokédex image below.

Game Freak/The Pokémon Company

Togepi Evolution Pokémon Go: Togetic and Togekiss

Togepi's first evolution, Togetic, is also officially part of Pokémon Go. All you need are 50 Togepi candies to evolve your baby Pokémon, though it may take some time to actually gather that many.

Once you've hatched enough Togepi eggs to earn the candies you need, Togepi evolves into Togetic. Now you have another Pokémon to add to your Pokédex.

The question then becomes when Niantic will allow Togetic to evolve into Togekiss. Unfortunately, it could be a while before that happens.

Game Freak/The Pokémon Company

Togepi Evolution Pokémon Go: Togekiss is a Gen 4 Pokémon

Togekiss, number 468 on the Pokédex, is a Gen 4 Pokémon. It was originally introduced to the games in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

Considering that Pokémon Go just began drawing Gen 2 Pokémon from Pokémon Gold and Silver, Gen 4 probably won't roll out for a while. We're guessing Niantic will focus on Gen 2 for now before eventually expanding to Gen 3 and finally Gen 4. On the plus side, that means you have plenty of time to save up the necessary Togepi candies for an evolution.

Then again, it's possible the game could jump around a bit to introduce Togekiss outside its proper generation. We'll just have to wait and see.

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