How to hack 'Pokémon Go': You can't cheat, but these tools will help considerably


Wondering how to hack Pokémon Go? If you're looking for the easy way to level up or cheats to sidestep all the hard work it took for veteran trainers to rise to the top of the gym battling charts, we've got some bad news.

You're not going to hack Pokémon Go like that. Developer Niantic has been aggressive in shutting down third-party tools that scrape data from the game and closing holes that hackers might use to create cheat codes and the like.

You can't cheat by hacking Pokémon Go, but you can take advantage of the tremendous Pokémon Go fan community and all the easy-to-use tools it's developed since Pokémon Go was released in July 2016.

Silph Research group/The Silph Road

Pokémon Go Hacks: Silph Research guides for eggs, leveling, gym battling and IV calculations

The Silph Road Pokémon Go fan community on Reddit began as a place for Pokémon Go players to exchange information and break down the game's finer details. The Silph Road also organizes volunteer efforts to research how Pokémon Go works and frequently publishes those results under the "Silph Research group" moniker.

Silph Research has also led to the creation of a handful of tools by which Pokémon Go players can increase their knowledge of the game. The individual value rater, for example, allows you to figure out just how powerful a Pokémon is in Pokémon Go

Pokémon GO/GamePress

The Silph Research egg distances chart lets you know which Pokémon might hatch from which type of eggs in Pokémon Go and the move list lets you analyze the quality of your Pokémon's movesets. 

Silph Research also provides a pair of crowdsourced Pokémon tracking tools, including the Global Nest Atlas. This is one of the most useful tools for finding out which Pokémon tend to spawn in your area. It can also help you keep track the game's regular nest migrations.

Pokémon Go Hacks: Gym battling guides from GamePress

If you're looking to dive deep into the stats and combat numbers that determine victory or success in Pokémon Go gym battles, the Pokémon Go guide at GamePress — another online fan community — combines excellent data with clean presentation for an easy-to-use reference guide.

The gym attackers and gym defenders tier lists published by GamePress are essential materials in deciding the Pokémon that are currently best at offense and defense. GamePress also offers a slightly more complicated individual value calculator and a power-leveling guide.

Pokémon Go Hacks: Moveset and Pidgey calculator tools will come in handy

Pokémon Go Info has an interactive tool for determining the optimal movesets for every species of Pokémon in Pokémon Go, and the tool is up to date with Gen 2 baby Pokémon stats. This optimal moveset tool can speed up Pokémon quality assessment considerably.

The Pidgey calc tool makes it easier to manage Pidgey spamming — the tried-and-true method of fast trainer leveling in Pokémon Go — by telling you how many evolutions you need to save up to take maximum advantage of the 30 minutes of double experience gains provided by a Lucky Egg.

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