Presidential Polls 2012: Latest Real Clear Politics Polls Show Romney Winning Florida


With 24 days to go until the election, the focus is squarely on the swing states. How will they vote? Who will win? And what will the margin be? The fate of the country is in the hands of the dozen or so battleground states where this country's next president will truly be determined. 

Focusing in on Florida, a key swing state in possession of 29 electoral votes, the latest poll numbers indicate that Mitt Romney is ahead. In 2008, Obama won Florida, but in 2004 the state went to George W. Bush. The now infamous Florida recount of 2000 ultimately gave the state to Bush. 

In 2012, the state is still fair game for either candidate but recent polls show Romney in the lead. After the events of the first presidential debate, RealClearPolitics indicates Romney is ahead of Obama by two points in the state. 

The suggestion has been raised that these poll numbers are being bolstered by shockingly high numbers for Romney as reported by the Tampa Bay Times. In their polling, the paper indicates Romney is ahead of Obama in the state by 7 percentage points; a number that looks large in comparison to all other polls. 

Much of the Florida vote is riding on the decisions made by Hispanic voters. The Tampa poll indicates that Romney is favored by Hispanics in the state at a rate of 46% to Obama's 44%. Obama campaign advisor David Plouffe told the Tampa Bay Times the Obama team expects to win over 60% of the Latino vote in the election.

With its high number of electoral votes, the state would be a real victory for either Obama or Romney.