'Overwatch' Update: PTR patch parody video pokes fun at Kaplan's developer update series


Whenever something big happens in the world of Overwatch — like the recent update patched into the PTR — you can always count on director Jeff Kaplan to discuss it in a measured, reasonable tone in one of his developer update videos. 

What you probably don't expect from these videos is for Kaplan to make fun of the fandom's "salty tears" in the wake of the Roadhog nerf or discuss his own ass in excruciating detail. However, that's exactly what a parody of a developer update video uploaded to the Overwatch subreddit imagines.

Overwatch Update: YouTube parody introduces a surprising new character

The video, uploaded by dinoflask, pieces together bits and pieces of previous developer update videos to make it seem as though Kaplan is saying outlandish things. My personal favorite is his admittedly crude pitch for adding himself to Overwatch as a playable character.

"Similar to characters like Widowmaker and Tracer, I have an absolutely fantastic ass," the satirical, terribly twisted version of Kaplan says in the video. "It's sort of elliptical in shape, and it can also spray out really hot water, which does a lot of damage."

The full video is embedded below. Enjoy.

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