How young is the 'Young Pope'?


The pope from HBO's The Young Pope is young, but not that young. But young enough, younger than most.

On the heels of The Young Pope, the upcoming (and meme-able) HBO series starring Jude Law as the titular pope, we are introduced to a new pope, a new young pope, Pope Pius XIII. The first trailer presented us with a different kind of pope, a wild kind of pope. This pope smokes. This pope breaks rules. This pope has Diane Keaton as his mentor. Diane Keaton plays basketball. 

So how old is this young pope? Well, he's 47, which is pretty young, right? 

Law, on the other hand is 44, which is young, and he looks all the more so in the series — thanks to his new hairline. Sure, the series presents its pope as a graying one, but we know he's still young. Well, I know he's still young. I watched the pilot, and I believe, at some point, a cardinal even says he is young.

Still, he's not the youngest pope. He's young, but there have been younger ones. 

While it's hard to track the age of pope's born before the 15th century, the Guardian compiled a list of every single pope, beginning with Pope Innocent VII  and leading up to our current pope, Francis I. Of their list, only two of the popes are younger than the fictional Pius XIII, and two others are his same age.

The Popes 

Pope Innocent VII — 65 years old (1404-1406)