'Pokémon Go' Triple Dex: The best counters, moves and matchups revealed


As Pokémon Go heads into its second year of existence, hardcore trainers are likely looking for new tools to help them beef up their pocket monsters and lock down local gyms. There are plenty of useful websites, but a new one called Triple Dex may be one of the Pokémon Go tools we've seen so far.

Pokémon Go Triple Dex: How it works

Triple Dex is easy to use. When you first go to the site, you'll see a single search bar. Type the name of the Pokémon you're interested in and select it from the autofill menu. The site will then reveal a detailed list of pretty much everything you need to know about that creature to be a Pokémon Go master.

Each Triple Dex page starts off with basic info like the height and weight of the selected Pokémon. After that, you get a detailed list of each move it can learn, broken down into two categories: Charge Moves and Fast Moves. You'll also see the quantified Energy, Power, Duration and Damage Per Second for each attack.

Keep scrolling, though, because we're finally at the really good stuff. Triple Dex offers a detailed breakdown of every Pokémon's strengths and weaknesses, detailing which other Pokémon make the best and worst matchups in every possible situation.

With Snorlax, for example, we learn it takes the most damage from psychic-type Alakazam using Psychic or Psycho Cut, and it takes the least damage from Chansey using Zen Headbutt, Psychic or Dazzling Gleam. If you're on the attack, Snorlax deals the most damage to Wigglytuff and the least damage to Cloyster.

Pokémon Go Triple Dex: Why this matters

On Reddit, players described Triple Dex as a useful tool for building up gym prestige. That means you can use the information to effectively boost the power of your own gyms by continuing to fight there, picking the best possible matchups each time.

The Pokémon Go community isn't totally in agreement here, however. Some argue that maintaining health is more important than dealing damage when it comes to boosting gym prestige. So don't expect Triple Dex to solve all your gym-related problems, though it's still a useful tool for Pokémon Go players of all skill levels.

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