SNL VP Debate Video: Saturday Night Live Does It Again With Biden Ryan Impersonations


During the 2008 election, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler immortalized Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton in the world of comedy with a skit that encapsulated the spirit of that historic election season, and continued the program's long tradition of shaping political events by spoofing them. 

But after Obama's election, the liberal-leaning show lost some of its political satire mojo, whether out of respect for the recently elected leader or because the president proved to be a tougher politician to spoof than his predecessor George W. Bush (who was the gift from the comedy gods that kept on giving). 

However, last night's parody of the 2012 Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan restored some of SNL's political mojo thanks to the masterful impersonations of Jason Sudeikis (as Biden) and Taran Killam as the young Republican vice presidential nominee. 

In all fairness, the real debate was a piece of comedy thanks largely to the vice president's bombastic and flamboyant performance that reinforced Biden's "drunk uncle" persona. That's why, as they did with Palin, SNL recited almost the exact lines from the debate; with the exception of a few memorable written ones, such as when Kate McKinnon (who impersonated moderator Martha Raddatz) told the debaters, "do I look like Jim Lehrer (the criticized first presidential debate's moderator)? Then don't try to f**k me like Jim Lehrer!"

Sudeikis as Biden stole the show just like the vice president did last week from Kentucky; he laughed, smirked, interrupted, tossed and turned, and even toward the end of the skit (in what it seemed like an awesome improvised comedy move) erased Ryan's fake widow's peak with his own saliva. "I couldn't stand this anymore," he said. 

Killiam as Ryan was also solid and convincing, as he was made up after the Eddie Munster persona the liberal media is crafting out of the young and handsome conservative. He goofily dwelled on how he and his wife nicknamed they're first child "bean," an actual moment from the debate when the Wisconsin congressman was asked about his views on abortion. 

To top it off, Jamaican Olympian runner Usain Bolt made a cameo appearance towards the end of the skit when SNL was trying to picture Paul Ryan as a liar by claiming he ran the 100-meter competition along the famous and condecorated runner during the recent London 2012 Olympic games.